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Choose siding, trim and roof Standard Color Options for free. 

 Standard ​Features.

Floor System

  • 5-1/2"x 6" Treated Skids around building base for maximum strength.  
  • Wall System.​
  • Treated colums 2' o/c. 
  • 2"x4" side wall  Bands.
  • 3/4" Treated plywood kick-wall on the inside to protect wall siding pannels. 
  • 30 year Metal siding  panels /choose colors.
  • ​Roof System.
  • Steel plated Roof trusses 2' O/C.
  • 2"x4" Roof Perlins.
  • 30 year Metal roofing/choose color.
  • Delivery System.
  • Factory direct free delivery within 150 miles of a factory.
  • We use tilt trailer and Mule Tractor so we only need 2' wider than width of building access to be able to deliver it for free. 

Loafing Shed

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