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Top Storage Shed and portable buildings buying tips.  

A shed should last for years so it's worth taking time to buy the right one for you. 

If you want to choose the best shed for you, here are some tips to consider;

1. What kind of foundation/flooring should I go with?  There are  2 main flooring options used for sheds, 1-Concrete and 2-Wood floor system. 

   A Concrete foundation is a good option for a floor that will out-last the shed.  It Will last for generation after generation, no need to worry about settling issues.  A concrete floor will cost more then a wood floor, will also require permitting in city or HOA's, so it is a good option but usually not worth the $$ for a storage shed when a wood floor system is a very viable option. 

   A wood floor system  that is properly built will give you a great option for a shed floor. It is the most economical option that still gives you the strength and longevity that you need for a shed.  Check out the specs and Make sure the wood floor system is built properly for the shed you are getting.  We at Wolfvalley Buildings  have made sure you get the best wood floor system there is for your shed.    

2. What kind of siding should I go with?There are  3 main Products that are used for siding on sheds,  1- T1-11 Treated wood, 2-LP smart siding painted or stained, and painted metal siding.

      The  T1-11 Treated siding has been well known because of the nice cedar look you can get with this siding, how ever since it is a treated wood siding it does require a lot of maintenance. It will need to be resealed every 2 years minimum. This siding tends to warp, crack, fade and delaminate in this dry Texas hot sun. This is why Wolfvalley Buildings has chosen not to offer this siding, Especially since we offer the LP Smart panel siding as a much better Cedar looking siding option. 

   The LP Smart panel siding We have found to be the most Ideal shed siding there is. It is a  low maintenance 50 year Engineered wood siding that can be stained to look like a wood cedar siding while giving you the benefit of not warping,cracking and fading like the T1-11 siding. It can also  be painted to match your house color scheme and is accepted by most city's and HOA's. 

   The Painted Metal panel siding is also a great option. It is a  30 year no maintenance siding that will not warp, crack and de-laminate. Gives you the option of choosing colors to match you house color scheme. It is a great option however not readily accepted by City's and HOAs. It also tends to dent easier then wood. 

3. What kind of roofing should I go with?  There are 3 main roofing options for sheds. 1-25 year 3 tab shingles, 2- 30 year Dimensional Shingle and 3-Painted Metal panel roof. 

       The 25 year 3 tab shingle roof is your cheapest roof option there is. They tend to blow off very easy, also tend to leak. That is why this option is not offered by Wolfvalley Buildings. 

     The 30 year Dimensional shingle roof is a great option for those that don't like the Metal look and want something to match their home while yet being able to get a good quality roof. 

      The 30 year Painted Metal roof is the best option for a no maintenance roof lover. It is a tough roof that will endure strong winds while still give you a good look by being able to choose color options. Highly Recommended.  

4. What size shed do I need?  We all know the old saying "It is better to be safe then to be sorry". 

     When choosing a size here are some things that may be helpful to consider. 1-what Items are going in the shed, what size are they and how much space will it require, remember allow extra room. 2- Most City's don't require a permit under 200 sq ft, (Check to make sure), remember getting a permit is not hard if you need something bigger. If you are not in the city limits or HOA get what ever size works the best for your needs. 3- Delivery access may be an Issue when considering width of building. 

5. What style shed should I go with? There are 3 Main shed styles, 1- The Utility shed, 2- the Lofted Barn, 3-The cabin shell.


      The Utility shed is the normal A-frame Gable roof style. It is a practical most economical style  for a shed roof. Good way to go if you are trying to fit within HOA Height requirements. 

      The Lofted Barn style is the Gambrel Barn roof style used to create space above. It gives you the ability to have a loft storage area above. This style is a good option for maximizing storage where you have limited space in your back yard. The loft is great to put all the smaller items and keep your floor space for bigger heavier items. 

     The Cabin shell style is unique by the fact the it comes with some version of a  small porch, a house door, insulated windows, and taller walls.  The porch can be on the front, sides or corner. This can also be a Gable roof style or a Gambrel roof style if a loft is needed. This is a great option for Guest, Mother-in-law, office, playrooms, lake cabin etc. This is a great option to take and finish out the inside for what ever the needed use might be. 

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