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For Details & Pricing Call Josh @ 682-233-3085

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For Details & Pricing Call Josh @ 682-233-3085

Or Emailjosh@wolfvallybuildings.com

     Wood Post-frame garages are very Ideal for stronger and better looking Wood frame garages.  They are  the ideal structure for insulation and interior finish options. They also offer a good option for 2 story garages Hay barns equipment sheds and more. Please call us to discuss your needs, we would love to help you find the best solution. 

  • Standard Features.
  • Floor system.
  • 6"x6" Treated Post concreted 3' in the ground.
  • ​Concrete pad optional. 
  • Wall System.
  • 6"x6" Presure treated posts 8" o/c.
  • 2"x6" Girts 36" o/c.
  • 30 Year Metal panels, (choose color).
  • Doors And Windows.
  • Standard Walk through entry doors.
  • 3'x3' Windows.
  • Optional Sliding, Rollup, or Overhead doors (choose sizes).
  • Roof system.
  • Engineered steel plated roof trusses, 4' o/c.
  • 2"x4" Perlins 2' o/c.
  • 30 Year Metal panels (choose color). 
  • 12"  Roof overhang optional. 

Post Frame Buildings.