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Window & Door Options.

Choose siding, trim and roof Standard Color Options for free. (Custom paint colors available.)

​   Standard ​Features.

Floor System

  • Notched 4"x 6" Treated Skids Full length of building for maximum strength.  
  • Treated Floor joist 16" O/C
  • 3/4" Plywood floor.
  • 6'x4' side porch.
  • Wall System.​
  • 2"x4" Wall studs 16" O/C
  • 50 year 4'x 8' LP Smart panel siding.
  • Natural wood Stain sealer or Sherwin Williams High grade paint /choose colors.
  • Windows & Doors. 
  • 1-House door.
  • ​2-3'x3' Windows.
  • ​Roof System.
  • Steel plated Roof trusses 2' O/C.
  • ​Loft.
  • Radiant Barrier back sheeting.
  • Eve & Gable Overhang. 
  • Vented ridge and Vented Gables for max ventilation. 
  • 30 year Dimensional Shingle or 30 year Metal roofing/choose color.
  • Delivery System.
  • Factory direct free delivery within 200 miles of factory.
  • We use tilt trailer and Mule Tractor so we only need 2' wider than width of building access to be able to deliver it for free. 
  • If Standard delivery is not possible we can build on site for 5% more.  

Side Lofted Cabin.

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